Branches of Computer Science. (Part 1)

Branches of Computer Science. (Part 1)

Branches of Computer Science. (Part 1)
I know how to write programs. Yes, remember. Let us know what CS is and what it contains.
Mathematical foundations
Coding Theory
How to represent the data, if you do that, you need to compress the data into minimum information. For example, compression algorithms are related to coding theory. How to use encoding to make it efficient when transferring data on the next network. Next, information theory is used by people like machine learning, for example Decision trees, information theory is used by people like Gain Ratio.
Game Theory
Game theory is the calculation of how best to make a decision between 2 or more people. For example, in the Min-Max algorithm, there will be 2 players. If one of them chooses which game (such as chess), how much will he gain, and how much will the opponent lose? In AI, if the agents cooperate, how will they calculate their benefit? Some things like management. It’s not a game, but a win-lose situation where you have to compete.
Graph Theory
This is clear. Data structure is related to graphs. Later, with social networks, I started using Graph mining, suggesting friends, showing ads, etc.
Mathematical Logic Boolean Logic
This is used in circuit gates using boolean logic. Next use in logic programming. Next, Fuzzy Logic is used in AI Soft Computing. Logical Queries and programming languages. It is used to produce proof that semantic and sound.
Number Theory
This is mainly used in Cryptography. Talking about natural numbers about prime numbers. Probabilitsitc Number theory is used in machine learning.
This is how sorting, searching, etc. work. What algorithm should be used in what situation? What kind of requirements are there from each algorithm? Later, Parallel Distributed Algorithms came along. Now in Big Data, they use people like Map Reduce to make parallel algorithms.
Data Structure
This is linked list, tree, graph, etc. Police. What kind of data structure is the problem? Would it be better to represent? Access, read, write, insert, delete, how long does it take?
These are added under AI.
Learn about algorithms and software that can simulate intelligent, rational behavior.
Automated Reasoning
I want to ask him to do reasoning using logic like in Prolog language. You know those kinds of guys. For example, U Ba is a male. U Mya is U Ba’s son. U Tin U Mya son these are facts. In Logic, grandfather is father. If you write in what is father, U Tin is U Ba Ye. I want to automatically reason about my grandchildren. I will get it. It was used in the early days of AI. They are used in NLP. If you are interested, try using Visual Prolog. Then write mathematical logic and build theory provers.
Computer Vision
He is classifying the pictures to remember the objects. For example, it detects whether the person in the CCTV image is the person you are looking for. Face detection in pictures. This computer is in Computer Vision to determine what objects are seen in the image. If you are interested, there is OpenCV.
Soft Computing
I mean AI machine learning using algorithms such as fuzzy logic, neural network, etc. Why. If it’s called soft computing, the answer is not as obvious as other algorithms. Imprecise data, imprecise output is possible. That’s why it’s called Soft Computing.
Machine Learning
This is teaching computers to do tasks such as classification, clustering, etc. with data. Studying Algorithms based on theories from Statistics, Information theory, and Math. Later, if you want to do it together with big data, there are people like Apache Mahout, Spark etc. Deep learning has become quite popular recently. Deep learning is different from machine learning because it uses many hidden layers and can do automatic feature selection. If you have a lot of data, it’s fine.
Evolutionary Computation
Genetic Algorithm based on Darwin theory. Optimization algorithms such as Differential Evolution, Evolutionary Strategies etc. They are used together in the Machine learning section. There is also Natured Inspired Computing. For example, Ant Colony Algorithm, Bee Algorithm, PSO, etc., which are simulated by ants, bees, birds, etc., nature inspired comp

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