How long does it take to learn a programming language and how fast do you learn it?

How long does it take to learn a programming language and how fast do you learn it?

This question is difficult to answer. Especially if the person asking knows what he knows and what he doesn’t know, it’s even worse.
Normally, the learning process is that if you have something you already know, you can learn something else faster based on that knowledge.
For example, if you thoroughly understand C++, if you spend 2 weeks learning Java SE, you will understand. (Believe it or not :3) Because Java police. Syntax and OO Concepts are covered by C++, so if you understand C++ for sure, learning Java is easier.
What I mean is that people who have already learned C++ have the knowledge they need when learning Java.
When you learn a language, there is a question of how much you will learn. Do you just know how to use the API? If you know how to copy and paste, do you still have these? I still have to learn to what extent the next programmer level or system programmer level.
Normally, if a developer has used a language well for 2 years, he can write projects. Proficiency is available. This is different from each other. Don’t say 2 years if everything is sitting. Can’t save 20 years.
Because the fastest way to learn is to remember the most important things first. For example, syntax, semantics. You have to know these guys, and you have to learn these things first. First, the shadow level. After that, you have to gradually refine what you know to a deep level.
For example, if the for loop is the shadow level, for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
I know that much
If we go a little deeper again, for police. I know that initialization, condition, and step increment are optional.
If we go down deeper, we will know how bytecode is output by this for in the JVM.
If you go down to the next step, the for loop counter is an integer. How does float work at the hardware level? Is it good to start from 0? You will know if it is good to go down to zero. This is the step by step of how to refine knowledge.
The following APIs must be known. You must build an index in your head instead of memorizing everything. If you want which one, it is under which package. You have to know how to find it and how to look at the documentation.
For the next project, I need to study the framework. Here, like just now, how to use the framework is at the shallow level, to know how the framework works inside. I want to refine it through.
If you want to learn many languages ​​in a short time, the best way is to study Programming Language theory. He. Learning other languages ​​is easier if you understand the Compiling Technique.
Next, if you study a language with a different paradigm, you can do it yourself. Programming vocabulary will increase

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