How to read technical books?

How to read technical books?

How to read and study technical books is an important issue for those who want to do self study.
Reading is easy, just open the book and read like a breeze. It’s not easy. First of all, even if you are not fluent in English, it doesn’t matter what IELTS score you get, but you need to be able to understand simple sentences. Because it is most important to read all technical books in English. If you are searching in Burmese, it will not be very convenient.
Which book to read first. I would recommend that you read from a book that you can understand. Different people have different basic knowledge. A book that can be understood by one person is different from a book that can be understood by another. So read a book that you can understand. Let me say.

Another thing is that the technical terms need to be translated directly into English. Because it is not available, it will be fully understood only after a certain period of time. That is, I would like to read a book a year ago. I understand. I want to read now. I can’t understand it differently. Why?
The problem faced by Myanmar students is term poison. Because if you look at a certain term, you’ve heard that term, you’ve read it, you’re familiar with it, and you understand this term. Misunderstanding. That was the first mistake. Please clarify whether I really understand or just hearsay.
Another thing is that there are people who read how many pages a day. To read is to challenge the mind to learn more. It’s not a competition to see how many pages you can read. It is important to read to understand. A letter. It’s normal to hang around for a week. Others are like this. Just remember.

Try hands-on lessons. Deep knowledge. Identify shadow knowledge. For example, being able to program an algorithm related to Neural network training written in a paper is the ability to write a program from pseudo code. This is shadow knowledge. I mean, believe that you can code the algorithm. It’s not over. This is what. I only know how. Why does this algorithm work like this? For example, why do you update the weights in Neural Network? Find out why the equations are the way they are. Find out where the error function comes from. I don’t know these yet. I believe I can write a pseudo code program. You already know about this. If you think so, you are stupid. In Computer Science, people who have studied and researched for 45 years or more in 2 weeks. If you can do it, I’m sure. I can write code from pseudo code. Ask why from why not. I know how this neural network works with these rules, but I have to ask if there is another way. (The backpropagation training algorithm in neural network starts from finding the distance of the data points in the geometric plane. The closer the data points are, the more different they are.) The equation that updates the weight is to differentiate the error function and reduce the error slope. At school, we have to calculate differential equations using the manual method so that the error gradually decreases.
I try to use what I read in something. Knowledge is really good if you can really use it. If you can’t use it yet, it’s like you haven’t learned it yet. I don’t really do it. If you face it, brag. Don’t just read.. It just takes time.
The books I’m reading. If you want to easily find related books, search for the book you’re reading on Amazon.com. It will show related books.
When you read another new book, read something you don’t know yet. If you understand every time you read it, I’m sure. Realize that you are reading only what you understand. Increase awareness. Read it. Power cooker. Don’t read it.
How to find a good theoretical book for self-study is easy. Learn what other countries’ universities do online. For programmers, read not only books but also open source code. So you want to learn from developers with higher skills than you.

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